Saturday, 3 August 2013

Triglav - Day 3 - Koca pri Triglavskih jezerih to Stara Fuzina

Today was mostly about descent... apart from the first bit - a nice steep scramble out of the 7 lakes valley. Beyond that we had a very pleasant stroll through several valleys and tiny alpine hamlets towards Lake Bohinj. We avoided any bad weather and although the slopes were often very steep, there was a very good path the whole way.

About halfway, we passed the entrance to one of the deepest caves in the area - some 900m deep. The narrow opening looked ominous. As we approached the lake for the final descent, we witnessed a group of paragliders taking off - it was an excellent spot for it, having such a steep slope and great views over the lake. We got to the town of Stara Fuzina for a late lunch, where we bumped into a group of British hillwalkers from a university group or something. We ate more hearty soup and dashed to catch the bus back to Bled.

A great outing in the Alps - I'd recommend it to any walker who is prepared for a little scrambling.

The entrance to a cave nearly a kilometer deep.

Stara Fuzina and Lake Bohinj.

A paraglider setting off across the lake.

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